12 Loop Heavy Duty Basketball Net Fits Standard Indoor or Outdoor Basketball Hoop (White)

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12 loop heavy duty basketball net fits standard indoor or outdoor basketball hoop (white)

The function of basketball net:
Shows your score: you can definitely score by swinging the net.
Buffer effect: after the basketball enters the basketball net, the speed will slow down, thus convenient to pick up the ball.
Beautify effect: hard basketball frame, with soft basketball nets, build the overall sense of harmony.

Ways to hang a basketball net:
In the product picture, there are some of the methods collected for fixing basketball networks which can help you.

Package includes:
1 x White 12 loop heavy duty basketball net

Note: the basketball rim is not included, the package only contain the basketball net.Quality raw materials: 200 grams, it’s made of polyester fiber and braided with 6 mm net, fine workmanship, excellent elasticity, good impact resistance
Standard size: 20 inches long, 6 mm wide thread and have 12 loops to fit standard rims on backboards, makes a good replacement, easy to installation
Excellent design: the interface is secure and the thread is stitched at the interface; Knot design is not easy to trip, more beautiful and firm
Sturdy and durable: rain protection, sun protection, wear resistance, will not aging or fracture, can apply for a long time, rest assured to buy
Wide range of apply: for indoor or outdoor application, compatible with most hoops on school playgrounds or public outdoor recreational basketball courts

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