13 Famous Movie Scenes You Never Knew Were Actually Improvised

In the high stakes, expensive production of a Hollywood film, you would expect every second of every scene to be prepared and developed to the tiniest detail. Directors are paid millions of dollars to ensure that a movie is as well-made as possible, and that filming of the various scenes goes off without a hitch.

Actors, of course, are paid to bring a script to life, and although most actors follow the script to the letter, some actors feel inspired to make up certain parts of a movie as they go along, chewing up the scenery to make for some incredible film moments. In any form of high-level art, improvisation is a useful skill to have, and these improvised scenes show that you don’t necessarily need a meticulous plan to create a scene that will go down in history.

1. Richard Gere snapping the jewellery box shut on Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman was initially meant for the bloopers reel

2. Jack Nicholson’s iconic “Here’s Johnny!” scene from The Shining was completely unscripted

3. Indiana Jones was meant to have a sword fight in Raiders of the Lost Ark, but ended up shooting the ninja instead because Harrison Ford was suffering from severe diarrhoea

4. A stray cat ended up making its way into Marlon Brando’s lap and movie history in The Godfather

5. Dustin Hoffman nearly got run over and improvised this iconic New York line in Midnight Cowboy

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