15 Childcare Hacks That Are Nothing Short Of Genius

One of the most challenging yet rewarding things we can achieve in our fragile, fleeting lives is to get through the Lord of the Rings trilogy in one sitting, but coming in at a close second is bringing a child into the world, and helping them to become a valuable member of society. Being a parent is difficult to say the least, with the daunting task of moulding a decent human being not exactly helped by the sleep deprivation, stress and various worries you have for your precious offspring, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make things easier for yourself as a parent.

Whether you’re disciplining your child, helping them or looking for a way to keep them busy for just one minute so you can get some much-needed rest, it might be worth checking out these childcare hacks, and see if there’s anything you can do to make your child-rearing a little less stressful.

1. Baby watching and outside relaxation need not be mutually exclusive

2. For the gamer parents out there

3. Tired of carrying that baby seat around? Here’s a solution

4. For when you need to eat and your baby gets a bit too shirty

5. Keep an eye on your kids even when you’re not in the room

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