15 Memes That’ll Either Make Parents Laugh Or Cry

If you think your life is tricky, just imagine how difficult it must be with two small beings which rely on you for everything. I like to think of children as pets which you have to take everywhere, clean up after, feed, train and hope nothing bad happens to. I have the utmost respect for any parent who has to put up with their kid throwing a tantrum.

There are some moments which only a parent will experience, whether it be your child throwing up on your manager’s bag, or trying to convince you that their invisible friend Daniel told them to eat all the chocolate cake. Some of the memes below may ring too true for the parents out there.

1. When they insist on watching their favourite episode of Peppa Pig… again

2. You know the look your mum gives you

3. Here we go again

4. It’s never-ending

5. Children don’t have an “inside voice”

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