15 Times Facebook Was The Gift That Kept On Giving

Facebook is a wonderful communicative medium; a tool that allows us to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances easily. Before the social networking site and its Messenger app came into being, it just wasn’t possible to know what your friends and family were up to at all hours of the day, or to catch them when they said something ridiculous.

The things we post on Facebook often come back to bite us in the posterior, or make us look a little silly in retrospect. You know what they say: the gift of hindsight is a wonderful thing. So here’s a few people that probably wish they could go back in time, say something else, or do things a little differently.

1. This lady caught a coyote but thinks it’s a dog

2. I miss those days too 

3. How long before the President tweets about this?

4. Seen one cat seen them all?

5. Pride comes before a fall


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