20 Formerly Famous Child Stars Who Have Faded Into Obscurity

Hollywood capitalizes on the public’s fascination with child stars. We love to see them gracing the screens with their adorable precociousness, eager to track their progress and see whether they’re on the right path or whether they have gone off the rails. Take Dakota Fanning for example; she was cast in so many big Hollywood films playing opposite the biggest leading actors like Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington, and she became a huge star!

The difficulty in being a child star is that eventually you’ll grow out of being the cute, precocious kid you used to be, and people’s interest may start to wane. This doesn’t always happen but usually when it does, it’s rather pitiful.

When Child Stars Eventually Fade Into Obscurity…

On a personal level, it must be really emotionally draining if had begun your career at a very young age and had amassed a great amount of success only for it to swiftly decline. However, this is often the fate that many young stars face. Here are many young faces you’ll definitely remember, but for one reason or another, just aren’t on our screen anymore.

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