31 Messages Sent to the Wrong Number (#19 May Kill You)

We've all been there. But hopefully, not at this level.

Know the feeling of abject horror when you realize you sent a text to the incorrect person? The people in this gallery can relate … and then some.

The worst occasions of texts sent to the wrong people occur when it's regarding something truly personal, not just a harmless stray thought.

Or, when we don't even realize that we've just sent the erroneous text message until the unintended recipient brings it to our attention.

In these cases, both are the case. Enjoy …

1. Tonight is the Night!

Tonight is the night
Dad won’t be ignoring this, we’re guessing. Sorry Kyle.

2. Friend Zoned

Friend zoned
It’s hard to get back into the romantic mindset after you eff up like this.

3. WTF Arnie

Wtf arnie
The fact that Arnie was ready and willing to do this at the drop of a hat raises so many questions.

4. Okay, I Deserved That

Okay i deserved that
Jeremy owned it after the fact at least?

5. Surprise!

At least Joey loves her?

6. Semper Fi

Semper fi
Even under the most bizarre circumstances, you gotta salute those who fight for our freedom.

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