Hey guys! Today I’m showing 4 hearty and delicious vegan lunch ideas perfect for taking to school or work. Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Omg where have u been all my life, I loooove your video sooo simple and easy to follow!! I am definitely trying some of these simple recipes..I just went vegan, trying it out for 2 weeks but I must say I love it so far….Im glad I came across your youtube channel.

  2. I made the chickpea salad sandwich. It was so yum. I used spinach for lettuce, avocado, & whole wheat artisan bread. I had to make the vegan mayo myself but it was still delicious. I used simple recipe with potato as base. Lol I had no celery so I had to use green onion & omit the purple onion all together.

  3. Been watching these videos for 15 minutes; kept clicking through to this channel without thinking about it. Now subscribed.

    I'm sure it's been said a thousand times over but: Best food prep videos I've seen in a long time, great inspiration, and I love that you included links to your tools as well. Thank you!

  4. Gear video! I love your channel! I have the black meal prep containers with the see through lid, but where did u find those that u have in this video? I would really love to have some like that. I'm new to your channel so I forget to look for the info that u post concerning the things that u use in your videos. If it's not there would u plz message me and let me know where u got them? Thanks so much. I love your recipes and I'm not even vegan. U are an asset to me for bettering myself in my life. Stay blessed…👍☺

  5. First off let me say Thank You!!! I had to go Vegan do to some unforeseen stomach issues and I was terrified. I only had soups for the 1st week, but seeing this and ur $30 week vegan shopping has really helped. I not only added u but made sure to get the notifications. Can’t wait to learn more. Thanks again!!

  6. Yes! Yesterday was my first complete day of not eating meat.. today I told my bf I want to make chili with no meat he said don't torture everybody so I was trying to figure out a way to make just a portion of chili for me and regular for the house.. I'm going to try this thank you

  7. hey.. not sure if you've mentioned it in any of your other vegan meal prep videos but where do you do your grocery shopping? any suggestions on specific places to shop?

  8. I swear you have no idea how much you just inspired me and saved my life all in this video! I'm currently on winter break, 6 months vegan and I'm constantly on the on go between work and late night classes so I miss out on meals or just do not know what to prepare for lunch! Now that I'm on break I'm doing a food journal, testing new vegan recipes etc I've been following you since I transitioned to the vegan lifestyle and these recipes look delicious and filling! Thank you for sharing!

  9. It's no wonder your hair grows so fast . you eat wonderfully!! I aspire to do this. I think you would do very well in Japan. your sense of style, eating, and neatness in everything you do is the Japanese way. I been to Japan and love the culture. Either way, stay Fab. God bless

  10. I love how quick and easy these were! Especially for the chili, cos some days I’m just too tired to make it from scratch. Thanks for the new delicious ideas and recipes!

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