5 Wonderful Humanoid Robots With Emotions & Artificial Intelligence – Best Robots #23

5 Wonderful Humanoid Robots With Emotions & Artificial Intelligence || Best Robots #23

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Do you have any idea about smart home robots? The futuristic modern
robots are available in the market now. They are very intelligent robots. These all are so expert and very helpful to be part of your
daily life. They can do lots of works even think like a human being and help you in your every task of your dailies life, you can not
imagine. They can guide you, they can work like teachers, entertainer, security guard, postman, and anything you deserve.
In a word, They are superb, Incredible. Here are the details and the links for the robots are given below.

1. JIA JIA :

2. SOFIA :

3. Asuna :


5. ERICA :


Best 3 robots 2017, You will intend to buy in future.


Best 3 robots 2017, You will intend to buy in future.


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Best 3 robots 2017, You will intend to buy in future



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  1. This is creepy…their expressions are eerie just an imitation of human behavior….not real. Almost zombie like trying to mimic muscular expressions and looking like stroke patients. Is this our world the next century??? What a scary thing. Scifi movies have warned us but we continue to go down to our own destruction.

  2. Russia has military robots with firearms, which are extremely accurate shooters, and can drive vehicles.. Soon Russia will have a robot army which carry machine guns like in the star-wars movies.. America needs to create and build an EMP hand-grenade…
    It's time governments legislated that all these robots and androids be equipped with fail-safe shut-off switches and shut-off commands, and the public be made aware of how to use their off switches to shut-off an offensive acting dangerous machine..
    Soon criminals will be using these machines for assassinations..
    The public will need, along with their blades, pistols and mace defender sprays, an EMP robot-neutralizer defender device…

    The plus of these toys is that they will replace feminists, who have already replaced men with their silly vibraty rubber-dicks.. The hateful cokefried feminists are being made obsolete, replaced by rubber sex-toy dolls…

  3. oh world..!! don't be foolish too much. those who created robot they think that their are the only educated person in this little planet. I have never been even to a high school but I sure, their playing a foolish games like a uncivilize peoples.!!! Peoples' those who can create robot, I just want to show them how to Wear underwear. "U have no idea how our living God created this world, plz don't be try to destroy it".

  4. In the future, in order for humans to coexist with AI and humanoids, I think that there is a need for education to teach thoroughly the "moral" and "ethics" of human beings.
    Otherwise, AI and humanoids can cause harm to humans!!!

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