50 Incredible ‘Twin Peaks’ Facts That’ll Change Everything You Thought You Knew

Twin Peaks is a weird show. That much everyone knows. 26 years after its cancellation, it has proved itself to truly be the the gift that keeps on giving.

New secrets and and strange trivia are revealed to this day, without it losing its mysterious appeal. With the show returning for an eagerly-anticipated third season this month, we’ve collected 50 of the weirdest facts and trivia surrounding it.

1. Killer Bob was only included in the show by accident

Despite being a cornerstone of the show, the villainous spirit Bob wasn’t always intended to be in the show. While filming Laura’s mother sitting upright in terror from a vision, director David Lynch was informed that a crewmember had been caught in the reflection of the mirror behind her. The director loved the idea so much he decided to include him in the show.

2. The flickering light during the autopsy was a real broken light

The blinking light during the autopsy of Laura was a genuinely broken light, but Lynch liked the eerie effect so much he left it in. Bonus fact: when the extra in this scene mishears Cooper’s “Would you leave us?” as “What’s your name?” – that was real. It was too perfectly awkward not to keep.

3. The show was originally called Northwest Passage

When it came to filming they changed the title to Twin Peaks, though the pilot episode was eventually re-titled as Northwest Passage as a tribute.

4. There are four books to accompany the show

The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes, Welcome to Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town, and The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer (which was written by Lynch’s daughter). The Secret History of Twin Peaks was released in 2016.

5. Special Agent Cooper’s full name is Dale Bartholomew Cooper

His full name was first revealed in his fictional autobiography

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