9 Incredible Chris Cornell Photos That Will Break Your Heart

Instant access to smart phones and social media has its own world of positives and negatives, but what we can all agree on is that the ability to share the events we experience with others across the globe is a special thing. This is the case for Chris Cornell, who performed his final concert on Wednesday.

The musician, who helped take the grunge sound of the 90s from its Seattle roots into the mainstream, died at the age of 52 last night. He was best known for being the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for the band Soundgarden. After they disbanded in 1997, he had a solo career and a tenure with supergroup Audioslave.

In 2012 Soundgarden reunited, and it was with them that he shared his final night. They performed together in Detroit yesterday, just a few hours before his “sudden and unexpected” death. Luckily the performance was captured in these photos, which are heartbreaking to see after the news.

1. Cornell’s last tweet paid tribute to “the rock city” before he attended his sold out gig

2. “I have bragged about Detroit crowds for 30 years,” he told the crowd, “So stand the fuck up and make some noise!”

3. The musician was pivotal in the grunge movement of the 1990s

4. He had a near four octave vocal range

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