AI-generated “real fake” video of Barack Obama

What exactly is a “real fake” video?

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  1. The deceptions that are coming to this world are going to be beyond anything we have ever seen, Without Jesus the whole world will be blinded from the coming deception, then again the world is already blind.

  2. This shows that this technology is possible to create, or rather this application of technology is possible. It is upsetting, but we can't be angry at these researchers for informing us. Hopefully other researchers can find better ways of verifying information. We've have always dealt with lies, but letting the mere possibility of lies stop the progress of technology feels reactionary. The existence of Photoshop didn't cause the world to descend into a Orwellian dystopia, and this shouldn't either. However if we do end up in an Orwellian dystopia this technology would be dangerous, but so would any technology.

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