Beauty Nymph Facial Steamer Professional Steam Inhaler Facial Sauna Spa for Face Mask Moisturizer – Sinus with Aromatherapy Diffuser Skin Care

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Why do you choose Beauty Nymph? First detoxification and then skin care, the problem will be solved. Beauty Nymph steaming through the steam, thoroughly penetrate the skin, remove the skin endotoxin, deep skin stratum corneum, effectively soften the facial horny, open the facial skin pores, so that the water into the skin deep, so as to achieve long moisturizing, from the root cause of skin problems.
At home can also enjoy the facial SPA, home steaming device can be used to help deep clean, coated mask can also make mask effect doubled. Can also be used to steam the nose, steaming eyes, etc., can relieve allergic rhinitis, nasal congestion and other symptoms, relieve eye fatigue ~
The powerful and delicate nano-ion spray is his outstanding advantage. And very easy to use, add water to open the switch for 20 seconds that is fine nano-ion spray spray, very easy to use.
Precautions for use
* Do not use this product if you have heart disease, severe rosacea, eczema or psoriasis.
* For pregnant women, sensitive skin and patients with severe illness, consult a doctor when using essential oils or spices.
* Make sure the plug is plugged into an electrical outlet to avoid poor contact and burn the component.
* Turn the steamed hood clockwise to install.
* The product host can not be immersed in water or flushed under the faucet, so as not to damage the internal electrical components.
* Do not use the product for children or those who lack experience.
* Do not use the product near near combustible materials or external heat sources.
* This product is suitable for indoor use, not for other purposes.
Nano-oxygen ion with ion atomization system, with atomized water droplets effect, direct access to the skin deep, good absorption, so that the skin is flexible.
Deep removal of dirt, hot spray steam will briefly open the pores in order to more deep removal of facial dirt, so clean and white.
Hot spray steam can promote facial blood circulation to make the skin more rosy.
Add the face of the loss of water, to maintain the face of water and oil balance, effective control of oil, with “shiny” that worship ~
A key to start with automatic power failure system, in the case of water tank drip dry, the machine automatically power off to prevent the burning of the machine, the use of more secure.

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