Bee-Ball ZY-021 Optimum Basketball Hoop with Chain Net, Breakaway Ring and Pro Style Backboard

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The Bee Ball Optimum is the biggest model in the range, boasting a 4inch x 4inch main post for ultra durability, suitable for even the most competitive of players. The large pro style 3.5mm Polycarbonate backboard delivers a stylish look while still been suitable for use outdoors all year round. The Chain net also adds the perfect finishing touch to this pro stand, you can’t help but feel like a pro while using the system.

An easy to use adjustment system makes this basketball stand suitable for players of any skill level, younger players can adjust the basketball stand down to accommodate their needs and when the adults are ready to play, they are just an adjustment away from playing like the stars.
A unique feature of this basketball system is the breakaway rim, this is not to be confused with a flex ring. This breakaway ring is the heavy duty version which comes with springs under the ring itself to take the flex out of the backboard when pro shots are played, this prolongs the life of your backboard while also avoiding injury to the players.

The base has to be weighed down due to the size of the unit, we would recommend a mixture of sand and water. Water alone can be used however we would recommend adding some antifreeze to the water over the winter months to avoid the water freezing which may result in damage to the base.

Technical Specifications

– Height: Adjusts from 2.3m to 3.06m
– Backboard Size: 136cm x 80cm
– Rim Diameter: 45cm
– Pole Diameter: 101mm x 101mm (4in x 4in) Square Steel Tube
– Backboard Material: 3.5mm Polycarbonate set in a steel frame
– Base Size: 135cm x 86cm x 20cm
– Base Volume: (approx.) 230 litres (50 imperial gallons – can be filled with 160kg of water)
– We recommend filling the base with a mixture of sand and water


A very heavy duty NBA Full Size Basketball Hoop for serious players. The flagship of the Bee-Ball range. The height of the hoop can be easily and quickly adjusted with the handle operated cantilever between 2.3m for children and the regulation adult height of 3.05m (7’6″ and 10′)
Extra large 101mm square section steel upright and extra large spring mounted transparent Perspex backboard
The base can be filled with sand for complete stability. Water can be used for convenience but it should be emptied in sub zero temperatures or the base could crack
Integrated wheels for easy storage
Full NBA size (45cm) ring with breakaway spring mounting to the stand and steel chain netting

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