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  1. Hi Ralf, I think you might want to talk a look at this. Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a long-chain fatty acid crucial for human health. It is a fat that can be found in a variety of animal foods and some marine algae, occurring most abundantly in some ocean fish and shellfish. While adults suffer a range of problems when they consume a diet limited in DHA (e.g., depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, age-related cognitive decline), it is the fetal impacts I will highlight here. This fatty acid is necessary for brain development of the fetus and the growing child. Deficiencies in DHA affect intelligence, problem solving, and eyesight. I want to be very clear: low intake of DHA by the mother results in lower IQ scores and suboptimal brain development in children. This fat belongs to a class of lipids called omega 3, which are essential to obtain in the diet because the body cannot manufacture them. Like many essential items we derive from our diet, there are different forms that occur in plants than in animals. This is another case where the plant form (called alpha-linolenic acid, abbreviated ALA) must be converted through a complex process to create DHA. This conversion process is inefficient, and even in healthy adults only 5–10% of the consumed ALA ends up becoming DHA. Further, many factors inhibit this process, including high intake of omega-6 fatty acids, which are exceedingly common in the Standard American Diet and in vegetarian diets. Therefore, it is important to consume preformed DHA—which is the kind found abundantly in many fish and shellfish. — Source Arthur Haines.

  2. I’ve been wanting to go vegan, but living in a house and family that constantly uses animal foods and products, it’s nearly important, and I always receive criticism when I try. What can I do?

  3. I have a question as a new vegan. Which supplements (besides B12 and D3 ) should I be taking? or is there a website were I can read more about how ro not get a deficiency in a vegan diet?

  4. My husband has Crohns and ate such a rubbish diet, he decided to stop eating meat as neither I or my daughter eat it, you won’t believe the difference! It’s incredible and he can’t eat eggs so his system has hardly any problems now. Finally I’m getting him away from so much sugar….this has taken years but we are finally making amazing progress ha ha! I think it’s a case of lead by example and subliminal programming 😁👍 he also sees that I’m never ill, that speaks for itself!

  5. How does one settle the pain in. Your soul, after seeing and knowing horrific cruelty done to animals as well as knowing the vast amount of humans who actually do the harm exist? My heart hurts, my mind can't hmmm find pease/resolve?

  6. Thank you for this Ralph! I've been too hard on myself only to hear the struggle is common. I've eliminated beef, pork, and chicken but I'm struggling with Turkey and Fish. I'm going to double up on fruits and veggies and keep striving ❤

  7. Being vegan is cool and all but no need to rub it constantly in other peoples faces as if u r better than them. Its disgusting and a big reason why people hate on the vegan community. Don't concern yourself with what others are eating.

  8. Thank you 🙂 you have inspired me for a long time and now I am vegan.. I was diagnosed with diabetes and then watched 'what the health' and watched this video… I haven't had meat since or dairy! I feel great!!

  9. Been vegan for 3 months now, I've never felt so good in my life. 🙂 I just did it spontaneously and never looked back but I had already been eating healthier and healthier for a really long time and I kind of had just naturally been eating less meat, when I made the decision it was easy because I already had all these other foods I'd learned about that I had been eating.

  10. That’s the same thing that made me eat a plant based diet . We had a sustainable homestead raising our animals and during & after processing we all had emotional meltdown . That was last time we ate meat . My hubby was already vegan and he knew that we all had to live out our own journey . He can’t impose & force his will on others – like many vegans tend to do. I respect you even more infinite waters because you understand this as well — no condemnation of others as that’s their journey that they are allowed to have. I don’t want to be labeled vegan because hearing some vegans say that people who eat meat should be killed , or seeing how radical they get with imposing their beliefs onto others is not being peaceful and harmonious as they claim to be . So I’m on a plant based journey leaving animal meat out of my diet . Thanks for the video . Hope I find more plant based eaters like you to connect with

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