Big Brother Recap: A Shocking New Alliance

One dominant alliance in the Big Brother house can make things rather boring, but watching the cracks appear in that alliance makes for some riveting moments as they start to throw one another under the bus. 

When the episode got underway, the space-themed Head of Household competition was well underway, and just like our spoilers revealed, Alex emerged with the win. 

Big Brother Season 19 Cast

That was thanks to a last-minute deal with Elena in which she agreed to keep Elena’s people safe. However, it was silly of Elena to enter into the deal without defining the terms of it. 

Without knowing who, exactly, to keep safe, Alex could have put whoever the heck she wanted up on the block, and the other houseguests would need to accept it.

Jason is trying to play too hard too soon, and that could ultimately cost him his place in the game. Alex is playing it safe by nominating Jessica, but she’s also keeping her options open for a backdoor option. 

Alex has been on the block a handful of times, and she’s managed to gain some respect in the house. She’s a woman of her word, and everyone seems to trust her. 

Paul Abrahamian

Paul decided to reveal that Cody told him about Mark and Dominque causing some animosity in the alliance, and it was genuinely a smart tactic. It took the target off Jessica, and Alex was thankful to Paul for throwing the options out there.

 Alex was probably pissed because Mark ambushed her while she was having a chat with her group. Like, what was he even thinking? Elena already ensured his safety. 

Dominique is coming across as very sneaky, and it seems like she’s not as nice as she’s leading people to believe. Turning to Alex to throw Elena under the bus was just uncalled for. 

As expected, Alex nominated Jessica and Dominique for eviction. She also managed to call Dominique out in front of everyone. 

Alex OW

Elsewhere, Christmas returned to the game and revealed she had a bone transplant. That came out of the left field, and it was very sad. She’s an athletic woman, and this is going to affect her livelihood. 

Poor Jason must have felt horrible about the whole thing, but how was he to know she was going to fall off of his back and damage her foot?

Raven also gave us an update on her own condition. She has a rare stomach disease that prevents her from digesting food.

It was upsetting to watch her open up, but it was great she got to raise awareness for it. 

Raven Walton

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