Big Brother Recap: Who Body-Shamed Josh Martinez?

The pots and pans came out in full force on the latest episode of Big Brother, and Josh was served a nice little dose of his own medicine. 

We picked up relatively quickly after the veto meeting in what seemed to be a much-need reprieve for Cody. 

Big Brother Week 8 Nominees

The error in Cody’s game was attempting to back door Paul all the way back in week one. He had an alliance agreeing with everything he said, and his blatant feud with Paul saw him turning his back on his alliance. 

In turn, he never regained trust with them, and that’s why he was swiftly voted out of the game. But, in true Big Brother fashion, there were some twists thrown in that allowed him to return and canoodle with Jessica. 

With Jessica gearing up to be evicted from the game, she worried about what Cody would do next, and an offer from Kevin appeared out of nowhere. 

Kevin Schlehuber

Kevin thought it would be a good move to ask Jessica about the potential of Cody working with him, Jason, Paul, and Alex. 

Jessica seemed like she was glad he would have someone to work with, but Cody was adamant to Jess that the rest of his time in the house would consist of preventing every one of the other houseguests from winning a dime. 

Kevin kicked his plan into high gear and approached Cody with Jason by his side, and Cody made it clear the showmances were high on his hit list. 

This was music to Kevin’s ears, but Jason was taken aback by how pushy Kevin was about the whole thing and turned to Alex and Paul to spill the goodies. 

Paul Abrahamian

Both Alex and Paul have never liked Cody and part of the reason for that is because of his unpredictability. They know Cody would turn on them the first chance he gets, so they are not about to join an alliance with him. 

They did not need to worry about calling the alliance off because Jessica had one last fight in her with Josh. In the kitchen, she asked him to spell “Drought.”

He passes the challenge and chants that he has a business degree and his own business. So, he was irate at being challenged by Jessica. She went outside with Cody to enjoy her final rays from the garden of the summer. 

Josh Martinez

Paul then gave Josh a comeback to go and taunt Jessica with. Paul tells him to ask her to spell “Evicted.”

Cody flips the eff out at his woman being put on the spot and calls Josh a fat-ass. Josh stands his ground and says there’s no need to make it all personal. 

Cody continues his tirade of terror, and Josh retreats to the HOH room in tears. For those of you who do not watch the live feeds, the CBS edits of the episode seem to make Josh look like a saint. 

Cody Nickson

On the feeds, he has been taunting Jess and Cody for a long time, and the rest of the house is just as bad. They’ve been egging him on like little school children. 

The best example was when the fight was kicking off, Alex was in the kitchen jumping with joy that another fight was going to take place. If it’s a fight that involves her, she gets all defensive and ends it. 

That side of the house is using Josh to rattle their targets, and it’s coming across as playground bullying. 

Alex OW

In the speeches, Jessica claimed Cody did not ruin her game and that everyone should go after Paul because he’s winning the whole thing if he stays in much longer. 

  • Alex votes to evict…Jessica 
  • Christmas votes to evict…Jessica
  • Cody votes to evict…Raven
  • Kevin votes to evict…Jessica
  • Paul votes to evict…Jessica 
  • Mark votes to evict…Jessica
  • Matt votes to evict…Jessica
  • Jason votes to evict…Jessica

Jessica was evicted by a vote of 7-1-0, with Elena being the only person on the block to not have any votes against her. 

Jessica Graf

Josh immediately mocks Jessica and breaks into song as Cody carries his Princess to the door of the house.

While Jessica is on her way out the door, Christmas made a timely comment that everyone had made it to the jury. 

Jessica definitely heard, but it didn’t faze her. She was done with the game, and she was leaving with a boyfriend. 

Christmas Abbott

Julie pushed to find out why Jessica stopped fighting to stay. She revealed that she had been lied to through the whole process and it was not worth her time. 

She could not get a solid answer out of anyone, and was always the last to hear the facts. 

The next Head of Household competition found the houseguests watching a magic show, before answering true or false to the questions. 

  • Question 1: Everyone is right. 
  • Question 2: Mark, Kevin, Jason, and Paul are out. 
  • Question 3: Everyone is right.
  • Question 4: Christmas is out. 
  • Question 5: Cody, Elena, and Matt are out.
  • Question 6: Raven is out  

That means Alex is the new HOH, and Paul is essentially in power for another week. Sigh. 

Alex OW

Julie confirmed to the houseguests that the jury would not include a battle back, so when people are out this time, it’s the end of the game for them. 

She then opened up to the audience about next week including a double eviction and a special Friday episode. 

Okay, so we’re in for another week of Mark, Elena, and Cody on the block unless one of them wins the temptation challenge. 

Hopefully, the double eviction amps up the drama because things are getting rather predictable. 

What do you think of all the events?

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