‘Catch Me Outside’ Girl is Making an Enormous Amount of Money Per Show on Her US Tour

Danielle Bregoli’s rise to prominence has been as bizarre as it has been astronomical. She has barely paused for breath since her now infamous appearance on Dr Phil.  That was when she uttered the immortal phrase “cash me ousside, howbow dah?” directed toward a flabbergasted studio audience who were taken aback by her braggadocio and aggressive behaviour. The phrase instantly became a meme and wildly popular on the internet, leading to Bregoli finding herself suddenly (in)famous.

You’d think that her brief flirtation with the limelight would end as abruptly as it started, however Bregoli has continued to defy convention. Since then, her fame has become akin to a slow-boiling heat.

She followed up her tour-de-force of teen rebellion on Dr Phil with news reports suggesting that, along with her mother, Bregoli had struck a fellow passenger on board an aeroplane. Next, there was her appearance in Kodak Black’s music video for the track Everything 1k, in which she lip-syncs along to the rap while clutching large wedges of cash on top of a luxury car. “Cash me outside” indeed.

Bregoli, then, has transcended her status as meme icon to become a fully fledged celebrity, to the chagrin of many people. But perhaps it should come as no surprise then that the 14-year-old is set to earn an eye-watering amount of money on her forthcoming U.S. tour.

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