Christy Mack Reveals The Disturbing Message Her Ex War Machine Had For Her In Court

The crimes of Jonathan Paul Koppenhaver, AKA War Machine, will cast a gloom over MMA forever. Koppenhaver was one of the biggest welterweight mixed martial artists, and a fighter on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Hughes vs. Team Serra. Koppenhaver, who legally changed his name to “War Machine” in 2008, first started displaying signs of erratic behaviour when he made highly controversial comments about the death of fellow UFC fighter Evan Tanner.

War Machine posted on his Myspace account that he believed that Tanner had committed suicide in the California desert after deciding that his career was in decline. Medical examiners later proved that Tanner’s death was not self-inflicted but War Machine stood by his polarising statements. War Machine later faced numerous assault and battery charges, but things came to a climax when he entered the adult film industry and struck up a relationship with porn actress Christy Mack.

In 2014, after already serving a year of jail time, War Machine violently attacked Christy Mack and a male friend in her Las Vegas home. War Machine accused Mack of having an affair, and beat her and her acquaintance to within an inch of their lives. War Machine also allegedly attempted to rape Mack, who was later rushed to hospital and suffered 18 broken bones, a broken nose, missing teeth, a fractured rib and a ruptured liver as a result of the altercation.

War Machine has since been sentenced to life imprisonment as a result of his crimes. But until, now Mack herself has shied away from the limelight in the wake of the incident, and has announced her retirement from working in pornography. Yet now she has opened up about her experiences during War Machine’s trial, and shared a candid detail about the message her attacker send her during it.

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