Cleveland Cavaliers and fourth-quarter collapses: Crowquill

CLEVELAND, Ohio — As the Cleveland Cavaliers get ready to resume their 2017 NBA Playoff series with the Indiana Pacers on Thursday in Indianapolis, they are still trying to figure out why they’ve had so many fourth-quarter letdowns recently.

Even though the Cavaliers find themselves up, 2-0, against the Pacers, they’ve continued the trend of giving away double-digit leads in the fourth quarter that began against Atlanta with four games left in the regular season.

While there have been different reasons for the Cavs’ fourth-quarter problems, the most consistent reason seems to be the stagnant offense caused by Kyrie Irving and LeBron James reverting to playing isolation ball in the clutch.

Two one-on-one specialists may be better than one, but the odds are the Cavs will need a more balanced approach the deeper they go in the playoffs.

Crowquill, by Plain Dealer artist Ted Crow, appears three times a week in The Plain Dealer and on

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