Cleveland Cavaliers defense – is it good enough for a championship team? Bud vs. Doug

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Can the Cleveland Cavaliers play the kind of defense needed to repeat as NBA champions?

In this Prepare for List Off, Bud Shaw is concerned.

Look at the teams that played for the NBA title the last few years and where they ranked in defensive efficiency.

2016: Golden State 4, Cleveland 10

2015: Golden State 1, Cleveland 20

2014: San Antonio 4, Miami 11

2013: San Antonio 3, Miami 7

2012: Miami 4, Oklahoma City 9

2011: Miami 4, Dallas 7

2010: Boston 5, L.A. Lakers 5 (they tied)

This season, all the other Finals contenders are playing better defense than the Cavs. San Antonio is No. 1 and Golden State No. 2. Toronto and Boston are just outside the top 10, and Houston and Washington are still just ahead of the Cavs, who are outside the top 20.

The Cavs were basically in this same spot defensively two years ago. And they’ve been hurt. But is that a good enough defense for this lack of defense?

Watch what Bud and I had to say, and then vote on your feelings about the Cavs defense.

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