Cleveland Cavaliers must be wary of Celtics’ desperate measures: DMan chats on 92.3

CLEVELAND, Ohio — LeBron James’ Cleveland Cavaliers are supposed to defeat the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference final of NBA Playoffs 2017. That is why the Cavs’ Game 1 victory, 117-104 on Wednesday in Boston, was ho-hum for me.

(Oh, by the way: The Cavs improved to 9-0 in the 2017 postseason.)

What is not ho-hum: The Celtics’ propensity for dirty tricks — goonsmanship — on the court, under the guise of being “scrappy” and “old school.” The Celtics are not to be trusted no matter the situation, especially so coming off a decisive loss at home. That is why I am more concerned about the Cavs “escaping” Game 2 on Friday in Boston with their health than I am with the result.

As part of my regular hit on Baskin & Phelps on 92.3 The Fan, we talked all things Cavs-Celtics, including Ol’ 25-5.

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