Clinton advert attacks Trump over sex claims

Hillary Clinton has released a new TV advert claiming Donald Trump, who faces a string of sexual harassment allegations, is unfit to be president.

The Democratic candidate’s commercial shows archive footage of the Republican White House hopeful saying on camera that: “Putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing.”

In another clip, he says: “When I come home and dinner’s not ready I go through the roof.”

The advert was released to coincide with a speech Mrs Clinton gave in Dade City, Florida in which she said she “learned way back in elementary school that it’s not okay to insult people”.

She was introduced on stage by former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, who has previously claimed Mr Trump once called her “Miss Piggy” after she put on weight.

Hillary Clinton and Alicia Machado
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Mrs Clinton was introduced on stage by Alicia Machado

Mrs Clinton told the crowd: “Can we just stop for a minute and reflect on the absurdity of Donald Trump finding fault with Miss Universe?”

She said for 30 years she had been a lawyer, first lady, senator, secretary of state, wife, mother and grandmother, while her rival had “spent a lot of time demeaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting women”.

Mrs Clinton said he called women “ugly, disgusting, nasty, all the time” because he was a “bully” and was not a suitable role model for young people.

In the TV advert, he appears to suggest he grabbed women inappropriately, adding “when you’re a star, they let you do it… you can do anything”.

Hillary Clinton
Clinton slams Trump for calling women ‘pigs’

He is also heard saying “a person who is flat-chested is very hard to be a 10”, that one woman “had a fat ugly face” and another “ate like a pig”.

The billionaire businessman has threatened to sue the women who have accused him of sex claims. He denies all their allegations.

Among his accusers were Summer Zervos – a former contestant on the US version of The Apprentice, in which he starred – and photographer Kristin Anderson.

Last month, the lawyer acting for Ms Zervos said Mr Trump had kissed her on the lips when she arrived at his office in New York in 2007. She also claimed his hands were all over her.

Ms Zervos, 41, has said Mr Trump made inappropriate sexual advances towards her at a hotel in Los Angeles a few weeks later.

Donald Trump
Trump urges voters to ‘dream big’

Ms Anderson, 46, told the Washington Post that Mr Trump put his hand up her skirt and touched her underwear in a New York club in the early 1990s.

Meanwhile, Mr Trump concentrated on criticising Obamacare rather than Mrs Clinton as he addressed supporters in Pennsylvania.

The speech came as he tried to increase his support in the Philadelphia suburbs, which are crucial to his hopes of winning the Democratic-leaning eastern state in the 8 November nationwide election.

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