Congress Just Passed A Bill Making It Now Legal To Kill Hibernating Bears

Much of Donald Trump’s Presidency thus far has been polarising and hotly protested. The 45th President of the United States wasted no time in drawing the ire of his critics when he signed an executive order intended to ban several countries from entering America. That order, and a revised version that was regarded by the Trump administration as a watered down version of its predecessor, were both eventually blocked in court – the second directive was stopped before it could be practically implemented.

The Trump campaign had focused much of its strategy around promises to roll back and/or repeal key signature policies of the Obama administration, most notably the landmark healthcare policy Obamacare. Trump’s consistent aim appeared to be to besmirch the reputation of his predecessor, casting him an incompetent whose policies had done more damage than good, and then style himself as America’s saviour, the antidote to a political elite that had tossed normal people’s concerns by the wayside in the pursuit of their own personal gain.

As it turned out, the Trump administration’s attempted repealing and replacement of Obamacare turned out to be something of a nightmare for the White House – confidence in the bill was so low that it was pulled from the floor before it could be put to the vote, with members of Trump’s staff calculating that they did not have the required votes to pass the bill.

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