Conor McGregor Signs Record Breaking Contract to Fight Floyd Mayweather

It has become a story of intrigue and mystery to rival even those of the famous Sherlock Holmes. Though Floyd Mayweather has become a master of the “will they, won’t they?” story line since he took charge of his own promotional duties through his company Mayweather Promotions, has anything the hype master ever achieved come close to garnering this level of fanfare and bluster from fans and commentators alike?

One immediately thinks of his fight with Manny Pacquiao, which took the better part of a decade to come to fruition, and failed to live up to the enormous levels of hype that its labyrinthine story had garnered.

While the pomp and circumstance surrounding that bout was largely due to the prodigious skill of the two boxers and the intriguing match up that they presented, Mayweather’s potential fight with Conor McGregor finds its appeal largely through the perceived incongruity of the two fighters, coming as they do from two separate fighting disciplines.

Though many in the world of boxing are greeting the potential bout between Conor McGregor and Floyd “Money” Mayweather with an upturned nose and a derisive snort, The Notorious certainly isn’t among those of little faith, who believe that the fight would be akin to a leisurely Sunday afternoon stroll for Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Rumours of negotiations between 28-year-old UFC fighter Conor McGregor and undefeated boxing legend Mayweather Junior have been circulating for months – every time it appears that the fight is all but agreed, extenuating circumstance or denials from the fighters themselves have served to crush fans’ hopes. Now, though, that all appears to have changed.

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