Counting On Recap: Another Epic Clip Show in the House!

In an moving, beautiful episode full of recycled storylines and material, Counting On relived Jill and Jessa’s roads to the altar last night.

Card-carrying members of Duggar Nation got to experience, for the second time in as many years, Jessa and Jill’s touching weddings.

Just what you ALWAYS wanted to see, right?

There are rumors that the reliance on old news and Jinger’s courtship will get the Duggars canceled at this rate, but that’s just speculation.

For now. They are going this route a lot.

We’ve also heard whispers of the family desperate to keep Counting On running and timing Jessa’s pregnancy announcement accordingly.

In any case, just two episodes before Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo take their own trip down the aisle, it was time for a look back.

From Jill and Derick’s first kiss, to Ben and Jessa saying ‘I do,’ this was certainly a memorable episode of material we saw very recently!

The installment, titled “Duggars at the Aisle,” let fans of the TLC mainstays revisit a couple of watershed moments in Duggar history.


This isn’t to say that the wedding days of Jill Duggar, 25, and Jessa Duggar, 23, weren’t quite magical. They most certainly were that.

It’s just that that with so many kids, many of whom are coming of age and quite popular with fans, why rehash relatively recent storylines?

The show began with Jill’s wedding, which took place two years ago in Arkansas; Jill became the first Duggar daughter to tie the knot.

Jill knew Derick was the one, she said, after they had been set up by her father, Jim Bob, and started video chatting for awhile online.

She just knew. Isn’t that how it works sometimes?

“I can’t spend the rest of my life without this guy,” Jill said, and backed that up, marrying him just only three months after getting engaged!

The wedding was a big production, but “the actual marriage is more important,” Jill and Derrick agreed, obviously with priorities straight.

They shared their first kiss in front of everyone during their wedding, while Jessa and Ben Seewald opted to keep that moment private.

“It was nice, slow, and romantic,” Jessa described of their very first kiss, while Ben noted that it was way “better than doing it on stage.”

Soon enough, both became pregnant.

They are both parents of adorable young kids, with one more on the way (Jessa’s), and Derick planning on getting Jill pregnant soon.

Waiting in the wings to is Jinger Duggar, 22, and her fiancé Jeremy Vuolo, 29, whose wedding will be the event of the season on Counting On.

Yes, even more than these clip shows.

From what we’re hearing, Jinger’s wedding will be filmed and it will air as a major, must-see, can’t-miss, epic Duggar television event.

Stay glued to your screens.

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