Dog and duck have an unlikely bond, show us what unconditional friendship looks like

Meet Barclay the golden retriever and Rudy the Peking duck. These animals are as different as can be, but they’ve managed to form an unlikely friendship!


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Barclay and Rudy live with their mom Pam Ishiguro in Orange County, California. Pam also has seven other ducks and another dog, but she says that Barclay and Rudy have formed the strongest bond.

“The animals are much like my two boys – they have a love-hate relationship. When they are together, somebody is always chasing or jumping on someone else, but when they are apart, they’re always calling for each other,” Ishiguro told Barcroft.


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While Barclay and Rudy are now close friends, they weren’t always that way.

When Ishiguro first got the ducks, Rudy would chase Barclay away when he got too close to the other ducklings. “Rudy is our alpha duck. He is in charge of everyone and everything,” Ishiguro told Barcroft. “When Barclay tries to sniff any of the other ducks, Rudy is there to stop it. Rudy used to chase Barclay away, and for a long while, Barclay would run away.”

One day, Barclay decided that he wasn’t afraid of Rudy anymore, and he began hanging out with the ducks. He was also a big fan of stealing their food. Rudy decided that he was okay with this, but he did have to show Barclay that he’s the alpha. He did this by jumping onto Rudy’s back.


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Now, Rudy and Barclay are truly inseparable, and Rudy doesn’t like sharing his furry friend with the other ducks.

If any of the other ducks get too close to Barclay, Rudy will attack without warning. He’ll also bite peoples’ toes if they get too close to Rudy. Barclay is okay with Rudy taking charge, as long as he gets to play with Rudy and eat his food.

Ishiguro is happy that her two pets are getting along so well. “Rudy and Barclay need each other – I think that’s why they have such a strong bond,” she told Barcroft. “They’re like the oddballs on the playground. No one else will play with them, so lucky for them, they found each other.”


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Rudy and Barclay may be an unlikely pair, but despite their differences, they have become best friends. If you want to learn more about this surprising friendship, check out the video below.

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