Don’t toss your plastic utensils. Here are 8 clever reasons why you should plant them instead

These days people are looking to be more environmentally conscious, which means using reusable utensils instead of plastic ones. However, if you have to use plastic utensils there are ways that you can reuse them instead of just tossing them out after eating one meal.

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Plastic utensils can work wonders for your garden. Here are eight ways you can use them:

Deter Garden Pests

Place plastic utensils in your garden to keep pests that might sabotage growth, like dogs and cats, at bay. They won’t want to maneuver around the pointed objects where your fruits, veggies, and flowers are in the process of growing.

If you have animals who like to trounce or do their business in your garden, you’ll want to use this option. You can remove the cutlery when your plants grow.



Source: Danger Garden

Garden Planter

Use plastic spoons to create this beautiful ombre planter. You can find the tutorial here.



Source: Addicted 2 Decorating

Make Garden Ladybugs

Inject a pop of color into your garden by making these cute ladybugs from plastic spoons. Check out the tutorial here.



Source: Fab Art DIY

Plant Labels

Don’t waste your money on fancy garden labels. You can write the names of your plants on utensils and stake them in the ground next to your plant.



Source: Rabbit Talk

Make a Decorative Label

You can make decorative plant labels by painting them with a fancy design in addition to the name of the plant you’re growing.



Source: Crafts by Amanda

Make a Fence

Place forks into the soil with the prongs facing upward and in a row to create a spiked fence. This will keep out squirrels and can also make a cute fence for your fairy garden.




Garden Art

Use spoons to make beautiful lily pads or a random design in your garden.



Source: Recycled Things



Source: HubPages

Kids Crafts



Source: All Free Kids Crafts

Your kids can use plastic utensils to create art projects that can be placed in your garden, like these adorable dragonflies.

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