Drones film harrowing devastation of Italian towns after violent earthquake (VIDEO)

The complete devastation of a number of towns in central Italy following Sunday’s 6.6 magnitude earthquake has been captured by drone cameras, giving a bird’s-eye view of the destruction.

Central and southern Italy were hit by the powerful quake Sunday morning, just two months after a deadly earthquake hit the same region, killing 300 people and causing extensive damage to buildings.

Sunday’s earthquake, which authorities say is the most powerful to hit the country in more than 30 years, has destroyed numerous towns and brought down buildings which narrowly survived the last shock.

Incredibly, there have been no reports of fatalities from the latest quake.

6.6 earthquake in central Italy hits ‘the few things that were left standing’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has pledged to rebuild the homes, churches and other buildings destroyed on Sunday.

Drone footage from the central Italian town of Tolentino shows multi-story homes reduced to rubble.

Meanwhile, drone footage released by the Italian fire and rescue service shows the catastrophic impact of the second earthquake to hit the region in recent months. The bleak images reveal the town of Amatrice lying in ruins and strewn with rubble.

Emergency crews are working to rescue people trapped beneath the rubble as well as repair damaged roofs.

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Two powerful quakes of magnitude 5.5 and 6.1 rocked parts of central Italy Wednesday, also wreaking devastation on a number of towns.

Drone footage captured there showed how towns such as Camerino were seriously afflicted by the disaster.

30 October 2016 | 7:00 pm

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