Emmy Awards 2017: Who SHOULD Win? Who WILL Win?

The 69th annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air on Sunday, September 17. 

Stephen Colbert will host the star-studded event that will bring the best talent from the small screen together to celebrate the best shows on television. 

Who do we think will win the top prizes? Who do we think SHOULD win the top prizes?

Find out below!

1. WILL Win: Best Comedy Series

Veep promotional poster
Veep is generally a hilarious comedy series, but the show was just not quite as funny during the most recent season. The acting was still on fine form, but Atlanta deserves the win.

2. SHOULD Win: Best Comedy Series

Atlanta promotional picture
Atlanta. The show was a roaring success when it debuted in 2016, and part of that was down to the solid script and acting from Donald Glover. It has a solid shot at winning, but this category may as well be named after Veep which will win.

3. WILL Win: Best Comedy Actress

Julia louis dreyfus at the 2015 emmys
Julia Louis Dreyfus is one of the best comedy actresses out there, so we would not be totally mad about her winning.

4. SHOULD Win: Best Comedy Actress

Tracee ellis ross at 2017 mtv awards
Tracee Ellis-Ross has great comedy timing and is very likeable as Bow Johnson, so we do think she’s in with a chance at winning.

5. WILL Win: Best Comedy Actor

Jeffrey tambor
Jeffrey Tambor has been recognized in the past for his role on Transparent and the Emmy voters have been known to let the same person win more than once.

6. SHOULD Win: Best Comedy Actor

Donald glover
Donald Glover turned in a convincing performance as Earn on Atlanta Season 1. Glover is a genius and deserves the award.

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