Esther Beauty Pink Gel Eye Mask Relaxing Soothing Cool Warm Hot Heat Ice Cold Pack

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The eye mask can be used cold or heat. Cold relieves dry, puffy eyes and those wicked sinus headaches. Heat helps to reduce nasal congestion and relieves soreness once the swelling is gone.

Package includes: 1 x eye maskSize: 23cm x 6.7cm/ 9″ x 2.6″–with elastic back band. Can be used as either a cold mask or heat mask and reusable.
Cool / Warm Therapy: Place your gel eye mask in fridge for 10 minutes or hot water for 5 minutes; instantly enjoy your cool/warm therapy; bid farewell to your towel and ice.
You can enjoy your relaxation time comfortably, because the Gel is silky soft, skin-friendly, and free of chemical odors.
Ideal for soothing weary or puffy eyes; also can relieve headaches and sinus pains.
Whether at home, in the hotel or on the plane can be used; perfect travel gel eye mask to improve sleep quality and help you feel refreshed.

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