Expert gardener reveals well-kept secret. Baby powder’s great for gardening, with 9 nifty uses

Your garden has a new best friend and his name is baby powder. While baby powder is most popularly used for, well, babies, it can actually work wonders in your garden.
From combatting pests to making your tools easier to use, you’ll wonder why you’ve never used it in your garden before. Here are some of our favorite ways to use baby powder in the garden.

Coat Your Tools

If your garden tools are giving you calluses and blisters you can coat them with baby powder to reduce friction and prevent them from slipping when you use them.

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Get Rid of Bugs

Ants will stay away from your house if you sprinkle some baby powder around the outside of your home. If you have bugs, like Japanese beetles, that are munching up your favorite plants you can put some baby powder on the plant’s leaves and reapply after it rains until the beetle season is over.

Prevent Sweat

Working in your garden can work up a sweat. If you want to prevent yucky sweat stains on your clothes, put some baby powder over your deodorant application. You can also sprinkle baby powder on the underarms, collar, and other areas of your shirt or clothes that can get sweaty.

Press the item with an iron on medium for about 3 seconds to set it and create an invisible barrier that will absorb moisture. This will allow you to wash sweat out easily and prevents it from staining your clothes.



Source: Real Simple

Ward Off Nocturnal Creatures

Raccoons and opossums love to eat up yummy vegetables but they hate baby powder. Pour a circle of baby powder around your vegetables, they won’t want to cross it because the textures of the powder are irritating to their paws.


Source: Hunker

Safeguard Your Roots

Coat the roots of your flowers and plants or flower bulbs with baby powder to protect them from becoming rotten due to too much moisture.


Source: Monkey See

Fend Off Rabbits

Sprinkle some baby powder on young seeds to keep bunnies from nibbling on your plants.


Source: The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Clean Up Your Dog

If your dog has been rolling around outside and in your garden all day you can rub some baby powder on its coat and brush it through to remove dirt, excess oil, and stink.


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Keep Gloves From Sticking

Coat the inside of your gardening gloves with baby powder so they are easy to put on and take off.


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Freshen Up Your Garden Boots or Shoes


Source: The Spruce

If you’ve been working hard in your garden all day, then chances are your garden boots or shoes are going to be a little stinky. Pour a little bit of baby powder in them to freshen them up by eliminating moisture that causes mold and stinkiness.

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