Farrah Abraham: Did She Really Give Her Daughter Laxative Tea?!?

Farrah Abraham is in trouble for a photo of her and her daughter on Instagram.

No, this is not a recycled story from last month. Or the month before. Or the month before that.

We know: Farrah Abraham is often in trouble for a photo or incident involving daughter on Instagram. It can be hard to keep track. 

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Picture

Over the past several weeks along, Abraham has drawn criticism for kick-starting a modeling career for seven-year old Sophia, while also having her young daughter pose like Kylie Jenner.

And who could forget those inappropriate cheerleading photos of Sophia?

So… how did Abraham lower the disgraceful parenting bar even further this time around?

On Tuesday, the Teen Mom OG star earned the ire of her social media followers by posing alongside Sophia on Instagram.

The toddler was drinking out of her mom’s tumbler, while Farrah was holding up a package of Flat Tummy Tea.

The understandable reaction of most folks who saw this photo was to assume that Sophia was actually taking sips of Farrah’s ridiculous weight loss beverage.

Farrah Abraham and Daughter Tea Photo

“Teatime @flattummytea @sophialabraham & I – after all that candy,” the MTV star wrote as a caption.

What the heck is Flat Tummy Tea, you are probably wondering?

According to the packaging and the product’s official website, this drink contains laxatives and promises to “help reduce bloating, support your metabolism and increase energy to help flatten your tummy!”

(The Flat Tummy Tea site also acknowledges that “these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.” Shocking, right?)

In reaction to Farrah giving a seven-year a drink that contains laxatives and is not approved by the FDA, the Teen Mom’s critics let her have it.

“I’m sure your delusional parenting ways are further damaging that child by teaching her to take laxatives to be thin,” one commenter, while another added:

“You really are an assclown @farrah__abraham and absolutely the worst patent on the earth, hands down!

“Your poor kid … and just when you thought 30 years of intense therapy would help her you pull this. Your so disgusting and absolute garbage.”

Another Internet user tried to be of assistance (“Girl you really need some serious help.”),  while another chimed in with:

“What you’re doing to your child is unsafe. Practice what you preach. The only logical thing I can think of for your behavior is that you sold your soul which further explains why you’re so heartless. She is a CHILD. Let her be a CHILD.”

However, just this one time around, it appears as if Farrah’s followers were off base with their critique of the troubled mother.

“She has strawberry milk and I have my tea,” Abraham explained Us Weekly, adding:

“She wanted to take a pic like that, so no, my daughter does not have tea in her cup.”

Farrah has not exactly earned the benefits of anyone’s doubt. She may very well have just made this up in response to the growing criticism.

But we’ll go ahead and take her word for what is depicted in the above photo.

You’d think Abraham would avoid getting herself in such messes, simply pulling Sophia back from the spotlight a bit due to past controversies surrounding her daughter.

But then she wouldn’t be Farrah Abraham, would she?

A number of other celebrities have endorsed this same tea, meanwhile, including Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

And it does prompt the question:

Is Flat Tummy Tea actually paying Abraham to shill for its product?

Which them prompts another question, if so: WHY?!?

Who the heck is buying a product because it’s endorsed by Farrah Abrahama?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!?!?!?!?

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