Farrah Abraham: People Watch Teen Mom Because of My Boobs!

By now, you’ve seen all of the costume selfies and heard all the declarations about which celebrity “won” Halloween.

This year, the trends were political humor, Stranger Things cosplay, and ephemeral crap that no one will remember by next year. 

(Fact: waking up hungover, still wearing a David S. Pumpkins or Ken Bone costume is the single saddest thing that can happen to you in life.)

Sexy Ken Bone Costume

Some stars took their need to for social media validation to new heights this year by rocking multiple costumes throughout the weekend and Monday.

For once, Farrah Abraham actually looked sane by comparison, as she simple recycled the Wonder Woman costume she wore at the VMAs.

Before you give her too much credit for humility or practicality, however, it’s important to remember…

…the girl dressed up as Wonder Woman for the VMAs.

Also, we’re not sure if she actually wore the costume again, or just posted an old video and with some Halloween hashtags:

That’s a clip that appears to show Farrag posing with Internet personality Joanne the Scammer at the VMAs.

Thanks to hashtags like “#HappyHalloween” and “TrickOrTreat” many fans thought Farrah attended some sort of star-studded Halloween party last night.

That doesn’t appear to have been the case.

One insider claims Farrah did rock the Wonder Woman get-up to take daughter Sophia trick or treating, but we don’t believe that for a number of reasons.

Farrah Abraham Wonder Woman Costume VMAs 2016

We don’t buy that for a couple reasons:

1. Farrah didn’t post any photos, and she doesn’t do anything in life without posting photos.

2. Since when do Farrah and Sophia participate in wholesome, age-appropriate activities like trick-or-treating?

No, Farrah is more into things like talking about her daughter’s future porn career.

Farrah Abraham Wonder Woman VMAs 2916

Speaking of sex work, we know Jo-Scam is joking, when talking about Farrah’s boobs, but we could totally imagine that Farrah thinks they’re the main reason people watch the show.

You really can’t overstate the the severity of this girl’s self-delusion.

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