Fusion Beauty Liftfusion Micro-Injected M-TOX Transdermal Face Lift 48.2g

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Wrinkles result from facial expressions along with the loss of key skin components: collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Until now, eliminating these lines and wrinkles effectively has required painful, costly and regular injections.

LiftFusions technologically advanced cosmetic formula, delivers visible results without the discomfort, side effects and unnatural loss of facial expressiveness associated with many syringe-administered anti-wrinkle products.

A proprietary blend of anti-wrinkle ingredients, absorbs and activates on contact to transform skins appearance. Fine lines and even deep wrinkles are visibly reduced, vertical and horizontal forehead furrows, frown lines, crows feet and nasolabial lines appear softened, and skin tone and texture is dramatically transformed, as skin looks smoother and more firm.

LiftFusions cosmetic formula absorbs on contact for visibly relaxed fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid-filling spheres capture and instantly swell with the bodys water, plumping to make even deep wrinkles appear smoother, to restore skins youthful radiance and firmness.

Blend of proteins promote resilient skin.

Size: 48.2g
Gender: Female

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