Girl Claims She Was Fired After 5 Minutes At New Job For Being ‘Too Good Looking’

Being fired is never fun – nobody ever wants to lose their job. But unfortunately it’s an experience many of us will go through if it takes us a while to find our niche. I myself have experienced the harsh sting of a summary dismissal from my place of work, when I lost a job I held for only a month at a biscuit factory.

Even though it was an awful job I sucked at, even though I had once screwed-up so badly that the factory floor had to shut down for twenty minutes to correct my mistakes, even though it was so monotonous that I felt like I was going insane from working there, did a nine-hour shift with only half an hour for lunch, and had to wake up at the crack of dawn, even then, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit humiliated when my floor manager asked me to get lost.

There are plenty of excuses for getting fired: the work wasn’t for you, you felt constrained by the demanding hours, you’re not a customer service kind of person, you couldn’t get on with your co-workers, you felt an overwhelming urge to sucker-punch your boss square in the jaw every time you clapped eyes on him: you know, the usual stuff.

But this right here, this is the most ridiculous excuse for being fired I’ve ever heard. In fact, it’s not even really an excuse – more like a cleverly disguised humblebrag. A 24-year-old TV worker, and Instagram model, has come forth claiming that she was sacked from a job at a television production company, allegedly for being “too good looking.” Positive discrimination? Or a lot of hot air? You decide.

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