Gorilla observes zookeepers, teaches himself to walk like a ‘human’


Source: ODN

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Ambam the silverback gorilla has learned to be walking upright at a Kent Animal Park, and it’s capturing the eyes and ears of the internet world! We share 95% of our DNA with our furry relatives, and now it seems more than ever that we truly are related.

They believe Ambam has learned to walk on his own two feet after watching the scientists at the animal park and mimicking their walking style. Upright, he stands at a staggering six feet, so it’s quite a shocking scene to stumble upon!


Source: ODN

Since they first saw him on his hind legs, he’s gone on to have increasingly long strolls on them, and the action is impressing the scientists at the park. A video posted online of Ambam walking upright has increased the popularity of the park!

It’s amazing what animals can pick up on, and this upright gorilla proves that we can always learn from the rest of the world!


Source: ODN

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[Source: On Demand News]

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