Groom surprises bride with gift at wedding, is completely overcome when she realizes what it is

Weddings are always very special.

For Stephen and Keri Watt, 37 and 31, their special day was a long time in the making. They were having their ceremony at St. Patrick’s Church in Dumbarton, Scotland and both their families were attending.

Everything was going smoothly—the couple even had a videographer to capture all the precious memories. Although the ceremony itself was beautiful, Stephen had another trick up his sleeve.

Little did Keri know that her husband had an incredible surprise for her.


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After calming the crowd, Stephen made an announcement. “Keri, I’ve actually gotten you a wedding gift.” After handing the package over, Keri slowly unwrapped it with her little niece by her side.

But the gift wasn’t what she expected—it was only a rubber duck with a noisemaker inside it.


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Still, the surprise wasn’t over. Stephen told his wife to point and squeeze the duck at a nearby fire exit for her real surprise. Naturally, she did as she was told.

What came out of the door left her in total shock.


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Because he knew his wife so well, Stephen also knew that Keri had been obsessed with dogs for more than 10 years. More specifically, she had always been particularly in love with pugs.

To make their wedding all the more perfect, Stephen fulfilled his wife’s wish of having a pug puppy of her very own.


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The Watts’ story has since become a hit online as well, picked up by both ABC and Fox News.

According to her interview with ABC News, Keri says she was initially in “complete shock” when she finally saw what the surprise was.

“I was just completely overcome with emotion . . . [Stephen] loves me for the person I am and puts up with my crazy pug obsession!”

For his part, Stephen was glad that his wife was satisfied with her surprise and the day turned out so perfectly.

Though Stephen is grateful for the coverage, he’s a little overwhelmed with the world’s reaction.


Overall, Stephen’s pug surprise was a major success.

After the wedding, the newlyweds went off for their honeymoon in New York City… but Keri said that the entire time she was thinking about getting back to her cute puppy. Seems like your plan may have backfired a little there, Stephen.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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