Guy Sends Woman A Bill For £42.50 After She Turned Him Down For Second Date

We all know that modern dating is often an expensive case of trial and error, particularly now that the ubiquity of dating apps means that meeting new people is as fast and easy as ordering an Uber. Personally, I enjoy going on dates. I like the anticipation, the thrill of learning about a new person’s views and interests, going out to new places and doing new stuff. Even if there’s no sparks flying and you don’t see the other person again, you’ve still made a connection and learned a little bit more about the ins-and-outs of the intricacies of intimacy.

I know that a lot of folks don’t exactly share my opinion on this point. Indeed, for many people, dating is just a long and difficult slog; a case of treading on eggshells and masking our true selves in order to get to third base.

If you want a relationship but can’t be bothered with all the hassle and the inevitable bills that lead to it, then the prospect of dating might just fill you with dread. You never know if investing all that time and cash will ever pay off. Still, it’s not as though we can just dismiss these social expectations, right? I still remember one time in college when I was on a date but too poor to order a drink, so I had to text my friend so he could come round and lend me enough cash for a cocktail. That was how badly I didn’t want to embarrass myself.

But one penny-pincher has gone way too far in the other direction when, after being rejected for a second rendezvous, he had the temerity to ask his date for money to pay for the first one! What are the odds that he was a chartered accountant I wonder?

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