Hollywood Vs Bollywood Fight Scene Comparison

Appreciate movies that deserves that appreciation then no matter if it’s a Bollywood or Hollywood or others otherwise we will run out of good movies.


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  1. I still go for bollywood because salman khan is there… (Sarcasm)
    Guys no one makes the best movies but some of them from both industry has some good movie too so appreciate their work not this kind of stuff this fan following is the reason of some best movie made in bollywood are flop

  2. At least Hollywood tries to make it look real, but bollywood have a fuck physics attitude, overacting makes it cringe, in a nutshell bollywood is cringe as fuck, wtf is this 1:2, makes me wanna die sooner.

  3. Compare between knight and day and Bang Bang….I believe u all will love bang bang bcoz its bollywood. Those actions are done jst to entertain us not to teach physics and math…..

  4. Atleast Hollywood sticks to mostly realistic fights unless they have previously declared the difference in physics in that world, while Bollywood just goes with whatever and they smh get a x100 power boost during the fight if they're the protagonist, and just adding this in: all Bollywood films till this point are the same. Some random guy likes a girl then has to try to get her to love him, she somehow does they dance, next an evil organization kidnaps her, the guy goes to save her alone, insert some abnormal fight scene where they have no problem till the big bad comes in (not forgetting the random slow mo) then he manages to save her at the nick of time and they begin dancing all over again and some random ending. Yeah bolyFuckinWood is totally the best one huge movie set in loop.

  5. SALMAN KHAN movies gets appreciated in INDIA & hated & made fun by foreigners , becoz he makes the most dumb actions everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but after seeing this , i am sure DABANNG ACTIONS are 100 times better than that shit

  6. U can't just cherry pick scenes and bits to suit your line of argument as a guy who watched both types of movies I can see how fake this is – for me I like both and it depends – sci fi always Hollywood comedy / family both but maybe Bollywood , action – equal – Hollywood may be a bit better but Bollywood has countless movies that would be among the best of Hollywood and when they get it right it's great (same with Hollywood) and btw my favourite movie is an Indian movie even though I watch Hollywood movies more (I live in the uk that's why)

  7. if Hollywood action is better than bollywood what is fast and furious series actions. fast and furious series actions are the south Indian version of Hollywood which are over the top and beyond imagination.

  8. we all know that hollywood is in the first place. bollywood is the second. bollywood is rising so much you fool americans. and hollywood is not rising is going down. hollywood has taken a lot indian actors. the last 5 years a lot hollywood fans have joined bollywood fans

  9. Lol..Bollywood is not only this!! I request to pick this worst Hollywood movie with the Bollywood movie not that famous like dabangg.. That is Commando of Vidyut Jammwal. And now compare… So nowbu decide which is good Hollywood or Bollywood…. One movie doesn't show the reality of Bollywood

  10. I know hollywood is better but in this video bollywood win. Yes it has fake stunts but still I find bollywood scenes more entertaining here. I also hate over the top action but it was better than double team action

  11. just to give u heads up……. think about genre of two movies while comparing ……. n start watching some good bolly n holly both …….. coz they both suck equally on equal levels when they r bad………

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