Homeless poodle is rescued from streets, makes miraculous transformation with love and care

When rescuers take in dogs from the street, they usually expect the dogs to be skittish, wary from living on their own without human interaction for so long. About 3.9 million dogs are put into animal shelters every year in the United States, according to the ASPCA. What’s even sadder is that only 37% of animals put into shelters are actually ever adopted – usually kittens or puppies, leaving older animals homeless.

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However, this is the story about a poodle named Layla, and her amazing story.


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Volunteers from the group Rescue From The Hart got a call about an abandoned dog in a suburban neighborhood of South Los Angeles. Due to her awful living conditions, rescuers worried that she would likely be hurt and hard to catch.

What happened next will absolutely amaze and melt your heart.


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One woman from the group managed to get close enough to Layla to get a leash on her without much struggle. Despite looking afraid, Layla stayed still and allowed herself to be held by the rescuer.

After being petted and warmed up a little, Layla began to lick her amazing rescuer, bringing the volunteer to tears.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

After getting the medical attention needed, Layla quickly became a happy fun-loving dog. Thanks to Rescue From The Hart, Layla found a wonderful family to adopt and love her.

To learn more about Rescue From The Hart and their mission to save every homeless animal they can, follow this link to their website. For more information, be sure to check out the video down below.

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[Source: Rescue From The Hart]

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