How To Explain Why You’re Vegan

“We all say we love animals, and we’re all against animal cruelty, but we pay people to mutilate, torture and slaughter them”

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  1. I usually tell people that its for heart health, since 1 out of 3 American adults will die from heart disease.  I also point out that every ache and pain in my plus 40 year old body I had before going vegan, is now gone and I feel healthier than when I was 21.

  2. The only reason I'm vegan is cuz a plant based diet is healthier and its better for the environment. Otherwise I'd have no problem chopping a chickens head off or putting a slug into a cows head.

  3. I was a slaughter house worker, and a butcher apprenticeship, but I stopped eating meat through my own strength of character and inner conciseness. Shalion Buddhism made me comfortable with becoming a vegan if uses need another argument for the "protein" argument

  4. I recently did a huge college project on Veganism in front of my class… I was so nervous because I didn’t want to be judged… than I realized who cares about being judged? As I gave this presentation hundreds & thousands of animals are being slaughtered… I bet if those animals could speak they would beg for us to spread the word of Veganism regardless of judgement. After my presentation was done my entire class clapped & gave me a A+ as a grade. My professor told me it was the best presentation she had seen in a long time. Many told me I had inspired them & challenged their thought process. This brought tears to my eyes because I had been so nervous to speak up & once doing so I was praised for it. I will NEVER keep my mouth closed when it comes to spreading the word of Veganism. We need to lend our voices to the animals.

  5. I still can't find a decent meal for Christmas. At least nothing that would make a meat eater think that vegan food is better that his turkey.
    I tried a seitan roast with mushroom stuffing. It was ok but not very good.
    I know there are many Christmas dishes in the internet but it either doesn't appeal to me or seems to complicated to cook/with too many ingredients I can't find easily.

    I'm in France and we can't find vegan alternatives as easily as in the US.
    This year I'll look like the poor sad vegan eating his seeds and grass, once again. 😔

    But no matter what happens I'm never going back to animal products. Christmas is just a bad moment to pass.

  6. Thank you for changing my life! This is so powerful. Your channel has created so much clarity and has allowed me to change my lifestyle and find a voice in telling others how Veganism can change their lives.

  7. This is so inspiring! So far I've been quiet about being vegan because i guess i agreed to the phrase "live and let live" and i didnt want to push my beliefs on others but honestly fuck that! Live and let animals live. I'll be speaking out more but I'm still incredibly shy so idk

  8. It's like a switch for a light… when you switch it it is on and can't turn off… but remember it may be easy to see it yourself but others will not be near that switch and may never want to switch that switch and that is their choice.

  9. I learned that telling people the benefits of being vegan is better. I have a herniated disk, received it from football. Had excruciating back pain for years, then I saw "What The Health", did my research, trialled a plant based diet and I have never had any back pain since. I do my absolute best not to be condescending, as many people who aren't vegan either shield themselves from the cruelty stories or are sick of the extremely zealous vegans. Stick to the facts of bodily health and the rest will follow, just how it worked for me.

  10. This is great. I think I can now tell my dermatologist why I wouldn't use their products that are tested on animals. I really didn't want to talk about why I was vegan before because I was afraid that people would think that I was crazy. And maybe they still will. But when I became a vegetarian for environmental reasons in middle school, and I tried to explain it was because cows emitted methane gasses when they fart everyone thought that I was crazy. I can be the same way now.

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