HOW TO GO VEGAN! Beginners Guide to Veganism | Liv Vargus

Hey guys! Today I give you my 8 best tips on how to go vegan.
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  1. I went vegan because I always felt conflicted about eating meat and the harm done to animals. I realized after cutting out various animal products that my body actually doesn't like eating animal products and now I am vegan! 🙂

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  3. when i went vegan it was mainly for the health benefits then i began to see how animals are not humans property and that the earth is dying due to the animal agriculture industry :((((((

  4. I always feel nervous that coffee shops are going to give me regular milk and one time I even double checked with the barista who made my drink but 5 mins later (after I started drinking it) he comes up and says oops I might have put the wrong milk… and hands me a new one… it upsets me that people don't take it seriously so I'm going to have to start saying I'm allergic too

  5. I’m vegetarian currently (pescatarian more specifically bc I eat seafood) but I tried going vegan for a little over a week and I really loved it. I really want to try it again because I felt so good afterwards. I’m vegetarian because I really don’t like meat and personally killing animals is not what I support. I really hope to go vegan one day for a long period of time 😊

  6. i’m vegan because animals are being raised just to die. we are no longer living among animals we are controlling the food chain and the earth cannot sustain this way.

  7. I’m vegan because it has helped me with my skin & my overall well being. Plus, it has allowed me to be aware of the cruelty of animals and it makes me feel just overly good to be vegan💓

  8. I’m vegan to better my relationship with food and power my body with healthy food so I can feel better and more energetic. Plus the ethic and moral reasons for being vegan can’t be beat ❤️❤️

  9. I’ve had a ton of stomach problems in the past and they’re only getting worse and now I’m entertaining the thought of going vegan. Thank you so much for making this video!

  10. Yayyyy plants 🌱✨ I’m vegan for the animals (bc nobody should get to decide that the life of another sentient being means less than our own), for the environment, and for my own health!! 12/10 would recommend, veganism has made me a kinder, more compassionate human 💖

  11. I am going vegan this year. i am pregnant with twins and i do not want them to grow up thinking it is okay to harm animals and to not love animals. i would love for them to realize at a young age that animals need to be treated with love! i am excited for a super healthy pregnancy! i love your channel thank you so much!

  12. honestly i found your channel looking for ways to lose weight but after hearing your story and seeing how you lead your life and how vibrant you are it really changed my perspective of things. Veganism is something i tried before for weight lose. Clearly it didn't stick because if it did i wouldn't be saying "Something i tried". I never thought of the animals in the process it was purely selfish intentions. After checking out your videos and just hearing what you have to say about your life as a vegan you really got me thinking and have me really curious about it all. So thank you for that! I'm currently watching what the health and i am sick. Literally sick to my stomach. I'm just completely baffled. At this point i am completely convinced that i will never touch animal products so long as i live. I came to this conclusion after the couple of your videos and one documentary that you recommended so i cant even begin to imagine where my mind will be as i continue to do research on what it is to be a vegan. please please please continue with these videos! Its so important for you to do what you do! Anyways yea this is what makes me want to become vegan lol.

    Oh my goodness I'm sorry for writing an essay but i just wanted you to know that your videos are helping people! You are truly a light and just this ball of energy that is so pleasing ( haha i don't know to explain it). I just really admire you and I'm so glad i stumbled upon your video.

  13. I saw “What the Health” and was so inspired to be vegan BUT unfortunately I live in a Mexican household so I only lasted for 2 weeks before I felt like I had no other option but to eat what my mom cooked cuz I was starving

  14. i actually have so much respect for you (and all vegans). i know how difficult it is as im actually just a vegetarian (its been a year now), not with the cravings but just with the opinions of others just when you are trying to do your part for the environment 🙁 . i would love to become a vegan but i find it extremely difficult as im pretty fussy as well…

  15. I made a separate vegan instagram to follow just vegans and vegan food pages and whenever I need inspiration or I'm feeling alone with being vegan I go and scroll through the feed and it is so helpful. I also follow pages for recipes and it's great!

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