HOW TO MEAL PREP LIKE A BOSS! | 5 days of vegan meals

Hey guys! Today I’m here with a 5 day vegan meal prep! Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hi, I know this video is old but I just watched it on vegan tube. I've been wanted to become a vegan for a while. I was for a little while and had a relapse and haven't gone back to it because I didn't know what direction to go in or hold how to go about it. I really like this video and it has inspired me to go back to it. I just saved all of your videos on the different meals you've made and I want to make an effort to try to stick to it this time around. Starting when I go grocery shopping in a few days. Thanks for sharing your journey with us!…..PS, I would like to know where you got these meal prep containers from?

  2. 350 dislikes? You know what that's about! You look radiant and this is very encouraging to attempt vegan meal preparation. C'mon melanated people's we can be healthy too!

  3. Wow I love the idea of prep packing the fruit for the smoothies ! Genius ! Saves time for sure 💛☺️ loveeee your channel please continue making these awesome videos so inspiring me to become a part time vegan 😩😊

  4. I went out and bought mostly everything in this video, but switched a few ingredients. The food is now prepped for the week and I'm excited to begin my new lifestyle as a vegan! Thank you for the recipes and such a detailed video. Please keep them coming, you are a blessing girl 💕

  5. You could have saved a step. If you sauté the mushrooms in a pot then add liquid and cook quinoa.
    Less time + less pots/pans to clean.
    But I love your channel and recipes 💕💕. Also, you are beautiful 🙂

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