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apple tv and disney plus

As the launch of Disney + glues us to our living room sofas for the foreseeable long haul, you exactly might be wondering how you can join the party–and if Disney+ will work with your Apple TV. The short answer is yes, but there are a few caveats, so bear with me as I explain.

Disney Plus works on just about all the major machines beings have in their homes these days, and Apple TV is a part of that, but what simulate you have does matter. To use the service, you’ll need to have a fourth-generation or last-minute Apple TV as these are the inventions that allow users to install apps( this includes Apple TV HD 32 GB, or the 4K 32 or 64 GB ). There is no app place is accessible on earlier poses, so in order to use Disney+ with it you would need to upgrade … or, you could try a workaround exploiting AirPlay: You can install and use the app on a laptop, tablet, or phone and stream it to the Apple TV thanks to AirPlay. Technology is nifty like that sometimes.

One major appeal of Disney+ is that( unlike entrants like Netflix ), 4K, UHD, and HDR streaming come built-in and cost nothing extra. You’ll need a 4K TV and an Apple TV 4K to take advantage of it, as well as a handy provided of HDMI 2.1 cables. If you happen to have all that on hand, get ready to see every pore in Elsa’s face as she sings “Let It Go” for the 26,653, 386 th time.

TRY DISNEY + How to install Disney Plus on your Apple TV


Doing the signup for Disney+ is easy as pie. First, clink here to go to the Disney+ homepage and sign on( and be borne in mind that you get a free one-week trial !). Pick which alternative suits you best: either the regular Disney+ packet for $6.99, or the wrap with Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99.

Next, you’ll want to open the App Store on your Apple TV and find the Disney+ app. Install that sucker, open it up, and you’re ready to start streaming. If you’re sharing the account with own family members or friends, retain you can fix your own profile more. Just click “profile” up on the top privilege, and you even get to select an avatar from all of Disney’s famed faces.


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Another cool tidbit is the way the app succeeds if you already have it downloaded on your phone. Instead of having to log in every time you turn on your Apple TV, the app will recognize it’s you and log you right in. Yeah, Apple owns our minds, but at least it draws our lives easy.


What if I have Hulu/ ESPN+ once and I crave the sheaf?

Easy-peasy–just sign up for Disney+ with the same email address you use for either or both of the services mentioned above. Harmonizing to the terms of service, you’ll get a credit from Disney+ in the amount of the difference( that being $5.99 if you have Hulu, or $4.99 if “youve had” ESPN ). It is a bit of backward and forward on your credit proclamation, but in the end, you’ll still get the promised toll. One important point to know before you go for the parcel, though: The account of Hulu you get in it is the ad-supported version. If you hate ads and wish them all dead, the sheaf won’t really provide your needs. But if you don’t mind them and you experience plays extremely, you’re mostly coming ESPN for one cent. Who’d have pondered a penny could buy anything these days?


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