It's not looking rosy for Clinton in Florida

Plenty of ‘snowbirds’ journey down to Florida from America’s northeast at this time of year.

Hillary and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama are coming not in search of winter warmth and golf.

The Democrat heavyweights will pretty much take up residence in the biggest of the battleground states this week, aware that victory here probably clinches the White House.

But things are not looking rosy for Mrs Clinton here as Election Day edges nearer.

Early voting numbers among African-Americans are down compared to 2012 and they traditionally represent a significant constituency for the Democrats.

Hillary Clinton
Clinton: ‘Bully’ Trump calls women pigs

It is why Mrs Clinton has returned to key black neighbourhoods in places like Fort Lauderdale. Her campaign has been criticised by some Democrats for leaving it too late to reach out to the black community.

It all raises again the question of why Mrs Clinton has not been able to generate the enthusiasm of Obama’s, or even Donald Trump’s, campaign.

“I do have some worries,” said Clinton supporter Gene Wright.

“I think she is still going to have enough of a margin in Florida and in the other swing states and I think she will win but, yes, it has been a cause of some concern that we have heard the enthusiasm has dropped a bit.”

Clinton campaign advert highlighting Donald Trump's attitude to women
Democrat video: Trump’s attitude to women

What’s the reason? “Hillary Clinton has been in politics a long time and she’s not the shiny new candidate that Barack Obama was in ’08.”

The Clinton campaign will be buoyed by the numbers of Latinos voting early and the polls suggest that Florida is still on a knife-edge.

Donald Trump
Trump urges voters to ‘dream big’

The state is a microcosm of America, young and diverse cities, big communities of retirees, and it is a significant indicator of what will happen across the country.

Victory in Florida would all but guarantee Mrs Clinton the White House. Defeat could start alarm bells ringing.

As she rallied on a college campus near Tampa, a healthy number of loud Trump supporters marched towards her crowd.

Hillary's Horrible History: Why isn't she winning easily?
Hillary’s Horrible History: Why isn’t she winning easily?

The police kept the two groups apart but it was a good illustration of the fault lines that exist here.

The handful of voters struggling to make up their minds will have plenty to listen to in the next few days.

The folks of one of America’s most unpredictable states once again hold the nation’s future in their hands.

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