Jenelle Evans: I Have Too Many Kids!

Have you ever noticed that even though Jenelle Evans has three children now, she's never seemed particularly maternal?

Sure, she's managed to keep Kaiser and Ensley alive, and they seem like healthy, reasonably happy kids, but we've never really seen Jenelle enjoying being a mother, you know?

After Jace was born, she took off night after night because she thought that since he was asleep, he'd be fine — which, as you surely know, is not how babies work.

With Kaiser, she seems overwhelmed and annoyed with him most of the time, and we really haven't seen much footage of her with Ensley to be able to get a feel for how she is with her …

Until now!

In a new sneak peek for tomorrow night's episode of Teen Mom 2, we see Jenelle talk to a producer about how life is with so many children.

(At this point, she still has random visitation with Jace, but Kaiser and Ensley, as well as David's daughter, Maryssa, live with her.)

As the clip begins, she explains that David took Kaiser and Maryssa to school while she sorts out things around the house and takes care of Ensely.

Which means that she runs around upstairs while Ensley chills in a baby swing down in the living room.

A producer asks her how it's been to get moved into their new house while caring for so many kids, and Jenelle doesn't hold back.

"It's been pretty hectic," she says. "I don't know, I'm so confused about life right now. I can't think straight."

The producer suggests that it's all too much, and she doesn't argue.

"I mean, I'm tired by the end of the day, but when I wake up I'm happy that I'm in this house," she explains.

When they were in their old house, she couldn't stop thinking about how much she disliked it, and how she just wanted to "be on my land, away from people, away from traffic."

She then goes to get the baby so she can feed her a bottle, and she tells the producer "See, when I try to get things done I have to stop so I can feed Ensley."

Because how dare that newborn not get up and get her own dang snack, right?

When she's asked if she ever gets any time for herself, she says that she's able to shower and eat and sleep, "but that's about it."

But honestly, it sounds like she's got way more time to herself than many moms — being able to shower and sleep after just giving birth are pretty big luxuries, actually.

While Jenelle doesn't drop any major bombs in this sneak peek, the interesting thing is her demeanor.

It's looks like she's more than just exhausted.

Watch Jenelle and the adorable Ensley in action in the video below:

Jenelle evans i have too many kids

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