Jenelle Evans: See Her Absolutely Insane New Commercial!

Jenelle Evans is many things.

She's a mother. She's a daughter. She's almost someone's wife. She's a habitual offender.

While Jenelle has many roles in this life, being an actress is not one of them. But somehow, someway, she was still cast in a commercial for a product called Laboraide.

And it is seriously the dumbest thing you'll ever see in your whole entire life.


OK, so Laboraide is this natural, drug-free device for pregnant women to wear while they're in labor. It's supposed to allow them to be able to push more effectively and to avoid surgical interventions.

It's essentially a glorified mouth guard.

But we're not here to talk about the product — though why someone thinks a woman would want to bother with this nonsense while she's in the middle of labor is unexplainable — we're here to talk about Jenelle.

Specifically, we're here to talk about Jenelle, her creepy boyfriend, David Eason, and their ridiculously cheesy acting.

At the beginning of the commercial, we see David wheel Jenelle into the hospital. You'd think she'd be in pain, or at least a little anxious, but no. Not Jenelle.


She is calm and serene, ready to shove a hunk of plastic in her mouth and push that baby out.


When she gets to her hospital bed, she hops in, then puts that fancy mouth guard right in her gob. She's ready now!

Right in the middle of labor, she's so in control of it all that she's able to take a moment from her steady breathing to share a sweet smile with her third baby daddy.

And then, when that baby is finally born, she's able to sit back and relax, not a drop of sweat or blood or any other bodily fluid in sight, and just cuddle that child.

Did we mention that she's rocking giant pearl earrings all throughout her delivery? Because she is.

None of it makes sense, and Jenelle is a horrible actress, especially for pretending to do something she's done three times now in real life.

But that's the magic of it.

See Jenelle's acting chops in what could very possibly be the worst commercial of all time:

Jenelle evans see her absolutely insane new commercial

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