Jeremy Calvert Posts Photo of Daughter with MASSIVE Gun, Hears it From Critics

Teen Mom 2 fans are up in arms out after Jeremy Calvert posted a picture of his three-year-old daughter, Adalynn, with a rather large gun.

Well, some fans are up in arms. Others are less irate. Or all for it!

Adalynn Calvert Gun Photo

Jeremy’s weapon was not loaded at the time, it’s worth noting.

The reality star used his Instagram caption to reassure naysayers of this fact and that his daughter with Leah Messer was not in danger.

“She said, ‘Daddy, let’s go hunting and shoot a coyote…'” Jeremy wrote, clearly proud of his offspring (who looks just like him BTW).

“Lol better watch out boys, she won’t miss.”

A lot of people weren’t LOLing, but if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, or follow Jer on Insta, you know he’s not one to give many f–ks.

In fact, he seemed to know the hate was imminent.

Jeremy Calvert Laying Pipe

“P.S. yes people it’s a gun and it’s also unloaded get over it…” 

This is the Internet, of course. “eople never get over it.

“This is deeply troubling,” one fan responded indignantly, right on cue and excoriating this move as the worst kind of parenting imaginable.

“I can’t say I’ve ever commented on a celebrity’s post before but this really saddened me. When did childhood stop meaning innocence?”

“Around guns there can be no innocence.”

Jeremy Calvert on Teen Mom 2

“I think it’s simply time to unfollow,” another comment reads, adding that it may seem innocent what he’s doing, but think of the little girl.

“For a small child, this has such vast implications,” writes the fan, clearly of the mind that such upbringing may not be the best idea.

“She can’t simply press the unfollow button.”

Deep stuff right there, ladies and gentlemen.

Jeremy Calvert with Brooke Wehr

Another took the rebuke to the next level.

“What the f–k Jeremy? I don’t give a s–t that it’s unloaded … treat it like it is loaded!” the fan wrote, urging him to rethink such behavior.

“This is giving her the wrong impression of what a firearm is. It’s not a toy! Why don’t you try being a responsible parent for once.”

“Giving gun owners a bad rep.”

In fairness, other Instagram followers praised Jeremy for allowing little Addy to get “comfortable” with a gun, which is just a part of life.

Gotta start ’em young … or not?

Jeremy Calvert on Teen Mom 2 Pic

Another defender of Calvert, who is now engaged to Brooke Wehr, said, “the thing is she won’t just go grab it because she thinks it’s okay.”

“That is part of teaching our kids gun safety!”

“My daughters know not to touch guns at all unless there is an adult to supervise. Whenever they see one they know to go tell an adult asap.”

Maybe, this member of the pro-Calvert gun photo camp posits, it’s “because we teach our kids safety and not that they are evil machines.”

The argument, questionable but not irrational, is that perhaps more exposure to guns would lead to fewer tragedies, this fan concluded.

Leah Messer with Adalynn

Others were more ambivalent about the whole thing.

“We live in WV for God sake!! There is nothing wrong with this picture!! If he wants to take a picture with his daughter and his gun then let him”

“I’m sure he wasn’t posting to get nasty reactions.”

“It’s a cute picture! How is anyone to judge others!!?”

Apparently this fan is new to the whole social media thing – especially when it comes to parenting – but the sentiment is nice, at least. 

One can only imagine how Leah Messer feels.

Part of her may be alarmed at the sight, but then again, she is from West Virginia, and she’s been embroiled in her fair share of controversies.

Some of them, admittedly, over absurd things.

What do you think? Is Jeremy Calvert crossing a line with this photo of Addy and his gun? Or are people getting outraged over nothing?

Hit the comments and let us know!

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