Jessa Duggar Offers Pregnancy Update, Prepares For Spurgeon’s 1st Birthday!

It’s a time of change at the Duggar compound.

Shortly after fans learned that Jinger Duggar had gotten engaged to Jeremy Vuolo, another Duggar sister shared some big news of her own.

Jessa Duggar is expecting her second child with Ben Seewald, and while the couple has been typically tight-lipped with regard to the kid’s gender and possible name, they’ve been offering regular social media updates on the happenings within their growing family:

Jessa Seewald Baby Bump (31 Weeks)

“So many milestones this week for our little family!” Jessa wrote in her latest Facebook status. “I’m overwhelmed by God’s kindness!’

She added:

“Nov 1st @ben_seewald and I celebrate our anniversary, Nov 3rd baby #2 enters the 3rd trimester, and Nov 5th #SpurgeonElliotSeewald celebrates his 1st birthday!”

Yes, it’s hard to believe, but it’s been almost a year since Jessa welcomed baby Spurgeon into the world.

No word on how many times they’ve reconsidered that name, but it must be in the thousands.

Jessa Seewald Baby Bump

Anyway, Jessa has stated that her second pregnancy is going more smoothly than her first, and that the time is moving more quickly as a result of the full-time task of chasing lil Spurge around the house.

She posted side-by-side photos of her herself carrying Spurgeon at 25 weeks in order to commemorate reaching the same milestone in her second pregnancy.

There’s not a whole lot of difference between the two photos…

Jessa Duggar Baby Bump Comparisons

…but some fans believe Jessa is sporting a smaller, higher bump this time around which – according to less-than-scientific wives’ tales on the subject – can be taken as an indication that she’s carrying a girl.

Not exactly a sonogram, but Duggar obsessives will take whatever information they can get at this point.

Jessa spoke about her pregnancy in a recent Counting On “after-show” that many took to be the series’ Season 2 finale.

However, according to TLC, there are two more new episodes, one of which will air tonight.

Be warned, however, it does look as though tonight’s installment will be a “retrospective” made up of previously-aired footage.

But just in case there’s anything new, you can watch Counting On online in order to get caught up.

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